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MORE on the Impact on Children...Part 2 Part 3

This paper considers the psychosocial impact of HIV/AIDS—particularly the loss

of caregiver support and the resultant stress on caregiving systems—on

children’s development and adjustment.

HIV/AIDS and Its Long-Term Impact on Children: What happens to children

and adolescents now will determine not only their futures but also the futures

of their families, communities, and societies.

This Chapter examines the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the supply

of education, the demand for education and the quality of education.

The chapter provides information on the number of young people living

with HIV/AIDS, who they are, where they live, and why they were infected.

It also addresses the shortand long-term impact of AIDS on young people,

and examines strategies to help prevent infection among youth, to mitigate

the impact of the epidemic, and to prepare young people to survive in a

world with AIDS.

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