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A qualitative study to present a detailed account of the living situation of OVC and their caregivers, and the challenges that they face gives(Mahati et al, 2006) a clearer overview of the Bulilima and Mangwe Districts – their challenges and on-going work with different Organizations. In Chapter 3 of this detailed work Munyati et al (2006:11) conclude that the

'HIV and AIDS epidemic had wreaked havoc on the lives of many people. In particular, OVC were the hardest hit group as they were young, inexperienced in developing sound livelihood strategies, and the problem was being exacerbated by the fact that socioeconomic support systems (both at family and community level) have been greatly weakened by the prevailing harsh economic environment in Zimbabwe and the change in social values. The magnitude of the OVC problem in Bulilimamangwe has overwhelmed the family and community supporting structures and in the process it has created hopelessness in the lives of OVC and their caregivers. The orphans needs

are so many that I am confused on what to do, said one grandmother who was looking after six school-going orphans'.

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