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Montessori Essays / Articles

The Advanced Montessori Method

This brief touches on the preparation of a Montessori teacher, their careful preparation of the environment and observation of the child that literary turns the classroom into a 'scientific laboratory' (Montessori, 2008). It also addresses the environment and views on attention, the will, intelligence and imagination.

A Modern Approach by Paula Lillard– Book Review

A review of Lillard's book narrates Maria Montessori journey from Medical School to devising the Philosophy that later defines her adult life. Lillard explains how Montessori differs from traditional models of Education, explaining the fundamental building blocks of Montessori – the child, the teacher and the environment – all bound and sustained by trust. Amongst other things, this part touches on the basic components of a Montessori Environment – freedom, structure, order, reality, nature, beauty and the development of community.

The Secret of Childhood by Maria Montessori

In this brief book review Montessori gives us a glimpse of how to know and hence appropriately serve children which, she advises, is through observation.

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