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Summary of Current Challenges and Constraints in the Zimbabwean Health Sector (WHO, 2009)

•High infant, child and maternal mortality

• High morbidity and mortality due to HIV& AIDS, malaria, and vaccine preventable diseases

•Household food insecurity and resultant malnutrition

• Poor access to safe water and sanitation with consequent increase in diarrhea diseases including Cholera

•Inadequate Health Information, Education and Communication

• Inadequate funds allocated for service delivery

•The majority of physical health infrastructure is in a state of very serious disrepair. Fixed plant and spatial distribution of health facilities

•Dilapidated infrastructure for the delivery of health services

•Frequent stock outs of essential supplies

•Poor quality of care in both public and private sectors

•Massive exodus of skilled and experienced health personnel

•Low salaries for health staff in the public sector and lack of incentives to work in remote areas

•Inadequate capacity for management and leadership

•Inadequate capacity in human resources development, including training and personnel management

•A weak health delivery system in terms of planning, budgeting and management

•Poor inter-sectoral action and partnership in service delivery

• Poor community participation and involvement in health issues

•Poor availability of costing data for some aspects of the plan

(WHO, 2009)

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