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Children and Adolescents Living with HIV and AIDS: A Review

This review focuses on several clinical, diagnostic, and treatment

topics of greatest significance for child and adolescent psychiatry

and psychology: (1) the epidemiology of HIV, (2) neurocognitive

development among those infected, (3) psychological impact of

infection, and (4) the family and social context of HIV. In each of

these areas, contextual factors are crucial.

30 Year HIV/AIDS Review - The paper 'appraise the

epidemiological, sociocultural and political factors that

have influenced the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

epidemic in Zimbabwe over the past three decades

(1985–2015), providing a holistic analysis that identifies

the epidemic as a sum total of its component parts, which have evolved together in space and time' (Chigwaru, 2015).

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