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Below are some of the resources that HAMC consult for relevant information to our work:

ASKAIDS - Phase 1 of this project, based in Sub-Saharan Africa, focused on understanding how primary age pupils acquire sexual knowledge, in what contexts and how this relates to the HIV education received in schools. The second phase (2011-12) expanded the research to encompass six countries and used consultation and dialogue with community members and pupils to establish a locally based curriculum development process for HIV education

GATES FOUNDATION - the leading donor Charity for HIV/AIDS and many other initiatives in Africa.

ONE MILLION COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKER SUPPORT - support an equity-driven approach to scale-up CHW systems to reduce health disparities and help build healthy communities. Such efforts are not only essential to economic growth, but also to improving education outcomes, promoting social justice, and to the recognition of health as a fundamental human right

MILLENNIUM VILLAGES - The Millennium Villages Project addresses the root causes of extreme poverty, taking a holistic, community-led approach to sustainable development.

PARTNERS IN HEALTH - work in close partnership with local government officials and the world leading medical and academic institutions to build capacity and strengthen health systems


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