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What we do

Hope Academy and Medical Center (HAMC) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that aims to provide the fundamental rights of education and health to the increasing orphan population within the Bulilima (West and East) and Mangwe Districts in the Matabeleland South Province of Zimbabwe. The area is more easily identified by its capital - Plumtree. Its two institutions, the Academy and Medical Center, will employ researched methods to ensure the best education for HIV-infected and -affected students learning alongside normal students. The Research Center, beyond evaluating the work of HAMC, intends to provide a space where theory and practice are debated and new knowledge/ insights created to better serve the population in question and to work with the government in developing appropriate policies for similar populations. The main goal of Hope Academy is to join the efforts of others in providing quality education and desperately needed health services to address increasing inequalities in rural areas. Hope Academy will enable the children of Plumtree to grow up to be self-sustaining individuals who can make a meaningful contribution to society and be part of the future leadership.

HAMC Progress to Date...

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