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This paper clarify the need for fictional narratives in which

the disease plays a part since they will provide the main context in

which young children learn to cope with the realities associated with

HIV/AIDS through education. It posits that Zimbabwean childrens literature

should also depict the conceptual framework within which health, human interaction and sexuality are understood in relation to the epidemic.

Community resistance to a peer education programme in Zimbabwe:

This paper provides a detailed case study of communityand local health

worker perceptions of a, at the time, state-of-the-art peer education

HIV prevention programmein Zimbabwe. It draws attention to how a poor

fit between global expectations and local realities undermined the outcome

of the intervention.

Standing Education on its Head -Aspects of Schooling in a World with

HIV/AIDS: This paper a world with AIDS must the process,

methodology, role and organization of school education in a world with

HIV/AIDS must be radically altered.

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